World-class suits

We are business people who operate in many European countries and the United States. For a long time we have been looking for a really uncompromising world quality suits in Slovakia – and we could not find it. The current offer did not satisfy us at all, even though we are aware of that it is impossible to satisfy everyone. The real quality with over 50 hours of manual work we found in London’s Savile Row. It really enthused us so much that we have decided to fill the gap and offer it to the Slovak men. Therefore, we have established the Christian Barret company and drove to London to learn from the best of tailors. We can guarantee that our suits of such a high quality you cannot buy from anyone else in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary or Poland.

What our customers say about us

Peter Telek, entrepreneur

I let Barret make me a formal and business suit. I appreciate that bespoke clothes tailor-made (whether it’s a black tie or any other type of clothing), fits better and thus provides a considerably greater comfort. Most of the things that I have in my closet are bespoke tailored or made-to-measure garment so I wear them basically all the time.

Maros Macuha, Owner of Modeling Agency

A Christian Barret suit adds the elegance and wit. First when I was walking down the streets of the Old Town in my new suit, I felt how people stunned around. Then I´ve received an SMS: “Have I dreamed or you just have passed by with an amazingly dashing outfit?”

Martin Capo, Director of the Real Estate Riesime byvanie

I let the Christian Barret make me a little atypical blue business suit. The suit I wear on major events and meetings, but also I do so every now and then, when I want to feel better on a regular day. A little exaggeration, we can say that it makes me feel better, wiser, smarter and richer.

Juraj Kadnar, an Olympian speed canoeist

From Barret I have made a suit, club jacket and several shirts. In general, suits and jackets I put on only when I really have to. But this bespoke tailored stuff with compare of ready-to-wear garment makes me feel really better. I am highly happy, especially with the approach of the Christian Barret staff. The team was very nice, helpful and always had a knowledgeable advice. I finally started to like to wear a shirt.