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If you do not insist on the wedding jacket, however, you are just looking for something elegant and also original in addition, a suitable alternative could be a combination of a tuxedo cut and exceptional shiny material with print. A tuxedo type shawl collar gives the jacket a formal nature and the high gloss floral weaving works original and unusual.

Material of the jacket is a combination of wool and silk. When designing this style the tailor has chosen the already mentioned shawl collar, double welt pockets without a flap closing on one button and functional vents on the sleeves.

The lining is marked with floral patterns and the fabric of a jacket is separated with a gold taping. All buttons on the jacket are covered with cloth.

The black trousers have a slim cut and a braid covering on the edge of a leg. Then two hip pockets on the front side and two welt pockets at the back.

The trousers material is a finely woven pure wool.


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