The Top Quality of Luxurious Suits
Clothing of English Aristocrats in the Traditional Savile Row Style

Offered Only by Christian Barret

Bespoke Tailoring

Tailored suits are of the highest quality that you can get at no one else in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary or Poland. Every Christian Barret suit is created during 50 hours of manual work and according to 21 strictly observed principles of Savile Row Style.

We dress up people who have the highest standards. We also have the greatest expertise in Slovakia. Every customer leaves satisfied – and of course, we know all of them in person after all.

The process of producing of a Christian Barret suit

From the first sight, through the passion to love for the whole life.


Date Agreement

The first meeting in which we choose the pattern, material and also we take your measures.


The Type of Clothes Selection

With clients we discuss their needs and find out on what opportunities they will wear the clothing.


Questions on the Use of the Suit

A meeting based on fundamental questions such as: “for what purpose do you need the dress or where do you want to wear it?” For example, with the client we figure out that for one casual jacket, which will alternate with one business suit, will be two and two shirts needed, four shirts in total.


Typology vs. Materials

According to the client’s appearance (eye colour, skin colour and hair colour) we determine whether he is a summer or a winter type. This information is given to the client so that we can pick and collect all materials and colours which blend in well together with his typology.


Colours and Patterns

We find out what colour the client likes and then set up what a fabric pattern prefers – checkers, stripes, pure colour and so on.


The Final Choice of Materials and Colours

On this basis, we choose the swatch in which the mentioned fabrics and colours are shared with clients and go through different materials, finishes, designs and functionality of the cloth.


Budget vs. Vision

Up to the client´s intended budget we follow by the specification of materials, which are going to be used for the suit and the jacket and which correspond with the typology and with all the requirements at the same time.



Then separately our clients choose the style and development of detail on the suit and the jacket. He selects, for example, a slim cut single-breasted jacket closing on two buttons. Then we choose whether pockets of the jacket are to be straight or slanting and we find out about the requirements concerning the topstitching, edge-stitching and so on.



Similarly, we go through the casual jacket as well.


Linings and Trim

Furthermore, with the client we tune up the lining of his jacket and the suit and then we choose the trim colour.


Everything We Write Carefully Down

In the meanwhile a client advisor writes all of these steps and details of a client’s requirements to the client card, which is in our records for his own needs in the future.


Style of the Shirt

In the next step we choose the style, type and design of the shirt and also here we choose an adequate pattern and colour of fabric from the sample cards to fit the selected material used by making the suit.



Then is the client measured. We take a total of 26 sizes while we can see inequality on figure, such as lower arm, greater hand circumference or shorter foot. We also learn habits of our client associated with carrying objects such as car keys, phone, purse and so on. The whole metering process takes about two minutes.


Specified Schedule

Throughout this process we inform the client about the next schedule and set a timetable for the first check, the second check and the final completion. The first entire meeting can take from 30 minutes (at clients who take the advice of all the details of the suit) up to four hours according to the demands of the client and by his willingness to play with materials and details. Of course it also depends on what a shopping volume is required.


Selection of Details and Accessories

Our client is also told that in the final handover of the product he will be introduced to a range of accessories to choose a right details such as a handkerchief in his pocket, scarf or tie and cufflinks.


Advance Payment

At the end of the first meeting is a client asked to make a partial payment in advance for the ordered work, because the garment is bespoke tailored, using a selected material reflecting the customer´s taste, and if resigned, we are unable to resell it.


Pro Forma Invoice

Within 24 hours is the client sent an invoice to deposit 50 percent of the total order price.


The Fabric Ordering

The next step after the advance payment is the ordering of materials and all requirements to enter the production.


The First Check

The first try-on test with the client will be in about 14 working days after the customers advance payment.



On the first check, a client tries on him a raw unfinished suit which we customize with the dressmaking pins. On the client´s figure we directly adjust the fit so that it suits perfectly. The entire meeting takes about 40 minutes (again depending on the scope of the order) and the client determines the length and width of the jacket, pants, sleeves etc. so that he feels comfortable.


The Second Check

At this meeting we set up the next date with the customer, and it usually means the handing of the suit with possibly finishing options as required by the client. Another meeting is approximately in 7 working days.



Before handing over the products (made according to the order) our dealer informs the client that the order is finished and the client shall be sent a form invoice for the order reconciliation.


Handing Over Date Agreement

After the payment of the rest of amount it will be arranged a meeting with our client including the products delivery.



At the last meeting the client will obtain his suits and shirts and right away he can put it to test whether everything is in order and the suit fits. If it is everything ok, the client gets a transfer protocol.